Los Angeles Lakers’ Struggles Continue: Playoff Health vs. Regular Season Woes


Dec 19, 2023

The NBA action continued last night with the Los Angeles Lakers facing off against the New York Knicks as five-point home favorites. However, the Lakers’ recent struggles continued, as they fell short to the Knicks with a final score of 114-109.

The Knicks, who had just crossed the coast from New York to Los Angeles, managed to secure an outright victory against the Lakers. This win was unexpected, considering the Lakers were favored to win at home. The Lakers have now dropped four games in a row following their tournament victory. 

Despite stellar performances from their star players, Anthony Davis, who scored 32 points, and LeBron James, who added 25 more, the Lakers couldn’t muster enough to secure a win. LeBron James played for 39 minutes, while Anthony Davis logged 35 minutes, which may have contributed to their fatigue in the late stages of the game.

The Lakers’ recent struggles raise questions about their consistency and ability to string together a series of wins. While they may not be considered a run-of-the-mill team, it’s clear that over the course of an NBA season, they may not be able to maintain a consistent level of greatness or embark on extended winning streaks.

For the Lakers, the primary goal this season seems to be ensuring the health and well-being of their star players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, for the playoffs. Even if it means settling for a lower seed, such as 8th, 9th, or 10th in the Western Conference, they are willing to prioritize the long-term benefits. With LeBron James nearing 40 minutes of playtime in games, it’s evident that they cannot afford to exhaust their key players without securing victories.

While the Lakers may be experiencing a bit of a hangover from their participation in the tournament, their veteran-laden roster remains confident about their postseason prospects. The extended rest periods between playoff games can work to their advantage, and their experience in high-pressure situations is expected to shine through.

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in a challenging position, struggling to maintain consistency in the regular season. However, their focus remains on ensuring the health of their stars and their readiness for the playoffs, where their experience could make all the difference. Lakers fans will be hoping for a resurgence as the season progresses, but for now, they remain a team fighting for a playoff spot in a competitive Western Conference.

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Thumbnail photo via Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

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