NFL MVP Betting Trends: Lamar Jackson Powers Past Purdy


Dec 26, 2023

As the NFL season progresses, the MVP race is heating up, and the betting odds are shifting dramatically. Let’s dive into the latest developments in MVP betting futures, highlighting key players, their opening odds, recent changes, their current standings, and the percentage of tickets and handle they’re attracting at BetMGM Sportsbook.

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Jalen Hurts started the season with odds of +1000, which later drifted to +1800, but has now soared to +3000. Hurts played well enough to get a win over the New York Giants in Week 16, with over 300 yards passing and two total touchdowns, but Philly’s three-game losing streak, coupled with stiff MVP competition, have helped bloat his odds. He’s still been a favorite among bettors, holding 10.6% of tickets and 8.3% of the handle.

Christian McCaffrey, initially a long shot at +10000, saw his odds shorten to +1600 and has dramatically dropped to +400. McCaffrey remains the top non-quarterback contender after over 130 yards from scrimmage and a touchdown in a loss to the Ravens. His rise in the MVP conversation is evident, with 9.0% of the tickets and 8.5% of the handle backing him.

Lamar Jackson, another critical contender, started at +1600, moved to +500, and is now the favorite at -160. Jackson was clearly the best player on the field in a potential Super Bowl preview against the 49ers in Week 16. He not only led Baltimore to a convincing victory but had 252 passing yards, 45 on the ground, and two touchdown tosses. He’s commanding significant attention with 8.8% of the tickets and 18.3% of the handle.

Patrick Mahomes, always a potential MVP, began at +650, drifted to +2000, but has now skyrocketed to +5000. Mahomes and the offense struggled again in a shocking home loss to the Raiders. They only managed 14 points, while the Chiefs’ pivot went for 252 yards, a TD pass, and an interception. Despite these long odds, he maintains a solid backing with 7.8% of the tickets and 8.2% of the handle.

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Tyreek Hill‘s odds have fluctuated, starting at +10000, shortening to +2500, and currently standing at +2200. Tyreek looked good coming back from a one-game absence due to an ankle injury. Hill had nine catches on 14 targets for 99 yards in a huge win over Dallas. He’s secured 6.3% of the tickets and 5.7% of the handle.

Brock Purdy began with +2500, moved to -225, and is now at +1200 after his worst game as a pro. Purdy threw four interceptions and left/was pulled in the fourth after suffering another stinger, although he’s expected to start Week 17 in Washington. The Niners signal-caller is gathering a significant 6.3% of the tickets and 11.3% of the handle, indicating growing confidence among bettors.

Tua Tagovailoa opened at +1000, shifted to +2500, and has now improved to +900. Tua played near mistake-free football in Week 16, throwing for 293 yards with a touchdown pass and no picks. He holds 5.6% of the tickets and 3.6% of the handle.

These shifts in the NFL MVP betting landscape reflect the dynamic nature of the league and the performances of these key players. With the season unfolding, watching how these odds will evolve and which player will ultimately clinch the coveted MVP title is fascinating.

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