NFL MVP Betting Trends: Lamar Jackson’s Odds Tighten


Dec 13, 2023

As the NFL season heats up, the race for the coveted MVP award becomes more intriguing. Let’s dive into the latest odds and insights from BetMGM Sportsbook to examine how the top contenders are stacking up.

NFL MVP Insights

  • Highest Ticket%: Jalen Hurts 11.6%
  • Highest Handle%: Jalen Hurts 10.9%
  • Biggest Liability: Tyreek Hill
  • Odds Leader: Dak Prescott +150

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Jalen HurtsPhiladelphia Eagles

  • Opening Odds: +1000
  • Last Week’s Odds: +350
  • Current Odds: +800
  • Ticket%: 11.6%
  • Handle%: 10.9%

Jalen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles has seen a fluctuation in his MVP odds. Initially opening at +1000, his odds shortened dramatically to +350, reflecting his strong performances. However, a recent adjustment has seen them drift to +800. Two straight losses by the Eagles have hurt Philly’s superstar.

Despite this, he leads in Ticket% at 11.6% and holds a significant Handle% of 10.9%, indicating sustained bettor confidence.

Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs

  • Opening Odds: +650
  • Last Week’s Odds: +650
  • Current Odds: +1600
  • Ticket%: 8.4%
  • Handle%: 10.3%

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs remains a popular choice, although his odds have lengthened from +650 to +1600. His steady Ticket% of 8.4% and Handle% of 10.3% show that bettors haven’t lost faith in his potential to clinch the MVP title.

Lamar JacksonBaltimore Ravens

  • Opening Odds: +1600
  • Last Week’s Odds: +800
  • Current Odds: +600
  • Ticket%: 6.7%
  • Handle%: 6.2%

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens has witnessed a positive shift in his odds, moving from +1600 to a more favorable +600. A big overtime win over the Rams last week has put Baltimore in a great position to capture the AFC’s top seed. Jackson is a huge reason Baltimore got the OT victory and stands atop the AFC at 10-3. A solid Ticket% of 6.7% and Handle% of 6.2% underlines his rising stock in the MVP race.

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Brock PurdySan Francisco 49ers

  • Opening Odds: +2500
  • Last Week’s Odds: +300
  • Current Odds: +175
  • Ticket%: 6.3%
  • Handle%: 10.7%

The season’s dark horse, Brock Purdy of the San Francisco 49ers, has seen a meteoric rise. Starting at +2500, his odds have sharply narrowed to +175, reflecting an impressive surge. His Ticket% and Handle% (6.3% and 10.7%, respectively) signal growing belief in his MVP credentials. San Francisco is in the driver’s seat in the NFC and is looking, along with Dallas, as the team to beat.

Tyreek HillMiami Dolphins

  • Opening Odds: +10000
  • Last Week’s Odds: +2000
  • Current Odds: +1600
  • Ticket%: 6.3%
  • Handle%: 7.1%

Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins started as a long shot with odds of +10000. However, a significant drop to +1600 in his odds shows bettors are taking notice of his impact. He maintains a steady Ticket% and Handle% of 6.3% and 7.1%, respectively.

Tua TagovailoaMiami Dolphins

  • Opening Odds: +1000
  • Last Week’s Odds: +800
  • Current Odds: +1600
  • Ticket%: 5.9%
  • Handle%: 4.5%

Tua Tagovailoa, also from the Miami Dolphins, has seen his odds double from +800 to +1600. He remains in the mix with a Ticket% of 5.9% and a Handle% of 4.5%, though his path to MVP is getting tougher after a home loss to the Titans on MNF.

Dak PrescottDallas Cowboys

  • Opening Odds: +1400
  • Last Week’s Odds: +300
  • Current Odds: +150
  • Ticket%: 3.8%
  • Handle%: 5.6%

Lastly, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys has seen one of the most significant improvements. His odds have drastically shortened from +1400 to +150, signaling a solid belief in his potential. Although his Ticket% is at 3.8%, his Handle% of 5.6% indicates substantial monetary backing. Following a big win over Philadelphia, the Cowboys are not only in the mix for the division, but at 10-3, the No. 1 seed is in play.

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