Nuggets’ Jokic Gives Thoughts on his “Serbian Night” Ejection


Dec 13, 2023

In an NBA twist for the Denver Nuggets, star player Nikola Jokic faced ejection for the second time in recent weeks. The most recent incident came on “Serbian Heritage Night,” Tuesday, at the Bulls game in Chicago. Post-game, Jokic was candid about his feelings.

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When asked about the incident, Jokic’s response was philosophical, “It is what it is. I’m just happy we didn’t play in Serbia this game.” His comment hinted at a potentially more intense reaction from fans if the game were in his home country. Jokic continued, “It would be really fun to see how it would have ended, you know.”

Jokic expressed frustration over what he perceived as inconsistency in officiating. “Some guys can say whatever. I think sometimes what I said is not even a technical.” He acknowledged crossing the line but implied that the same standards weren’t always applied. “I crossed the line, but sometimes that word doesn’t cross the line.”

The NBA star showed restraint in his comments to avoid further penalties from the league. “I like my money, so I’m not going to say whatever.” This statement reveals his awareness of the potential financial repercussions of criticizing league officials.

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Observers noted that Jokic’s ejection seemed particularly questionable and a bit of a weak call. The ejection on such a theme night adds to the disappointment of Jokic’s fans. 

Nikola Jokic‘s ejection highlighted the delicate balance players must maintain when expressing their frustrations, particularly in high-stakes games. His comments reflect a player who is conscious of his words’ cultural and financial implications, navigating the complex landscape of professional basketball with a mix of humor and candor.

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