The Broncos’ Add to Offensive Saga Against the Texans


Dec 1, 2023

The Denver Broncos have faced an uphill battle this NFL season, tackling the league’s most challenging array of opposing defenses. Over the first month, they played the fifth easiest schedule, but since Week 4, it has been a gauntlet of the league’s best defenses.

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The Broncos offense, led by the experienced Russell Wilson, has navigated through top-tier defenses. They’ve clashed with the No. 1 defense of the Cleveland Browns, the formidable No. 3 New York Jets, and the aggressive No. 4 Kansas City Chiefs — not once, but twice. Add to this the tough No. 9 Minnesota Vikings, the resilient No. 10 Buffalo Bills, and the sturdy No. 15 Green Bay Packers, and it’s clear the Broncos have been put through the wringer.

A new challenge looms as the Broncos gear up to face the Houston Texans. On paper, this appears to be a respite for the Broncos. The Texans’ defense ranks 21st, a stark contrast to the high-caliber teams the Broncos have recently encountered. This matchup is particularly favorable for Denver’s passing game, as Houston’s defense ranks 10th worst against the pass despite facing the 10th easiest schedule of opposing passing offenses.

Wilson’s opportunity for success is ripe. The Broncos have adopted a strategy involving the highest rate of passes thrown behind the line of scrimmage and the fifth-highest rate of deep passes, over 20 yards. The Texans’ pass defense, struggling against both types of passes, might be ill-equipped to handle Denver’s dual-threat offense.

There’s a palpable sense of anticipation as the Denver Broncos prepare to square off against the Houston Texans. This game could be a turning point for the Broncos, a chance to demonstrate their offensive prowess and resilience after a season of relentless challenges.

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Thumbnail photo via Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

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