Tyreek Hill’s MVP Surge: The NFL’s Undeniable Game Changer


Dec 13, 2023

As the NFL season progresses, the Most Valuable Player award race intensifies, with several standout players vying for the prestigious title. Among the frontrunners are Dak Prescott with odds of +155, Brock Purdy at +165, Lamar Jackson at +500, and Jalen Hurts with longer odds of +1000. These players have demonstrated exceptional skill and leadership, making them worthy candidates for MVP consideration.

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However, if we were to vote based solely on current performance, Prescott would emerge as a probable winner without projecting forward. His consistent excellence has driven his team to make a solid case for his candidacy. Yet, even with Prescott’s impressive showing, there’s a clear-cut MVP who is overshadowing the rest of the field: Tyreek Hill.

Hill’s impact on the NFL this year is undeniable and unparalleled. His value to the Miami Dolphins, particularly to quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, is evident every game. With Hill in the lineup, the Dolphins’ offense transforms into a dynamic and unstoppable force. His statistics speak volumes: averaging 123 yards per game, Hill is not just leading but dominating the receiver category. He has accumulated over 900 yards after the catch, a staggering figure that dwarfs the 600 yards of his closest competitor, Ja’Marr Chase. CeeDee Lamb, third in yards per game, trails Hill significantly.

This overwhelming dominance by Hill raises questions about the current betting odds and the criteria used by oddsmakers. Despite his clear value and unmatched performance, Hill is surprisingly not among the top three favorites for the MVP title. This discrepancy could be attributed to the conventional mindset of MVP voters, who historically favor quarterbacks over players in other positions. This bias towards quarterbacks is evident in the current odds and reflects a reluctance to think outside the traditional parameters when evaluating a player’s value to their team.

While quarterbacks like Prescott, Purdy, Jackson, and Hurts deserve MVP consideration, Tyreek Hill is the true embodiment of the Most Valuable Player in the NFL this season. His extraordinary contribution to the Dolphins’ offense and record-breaking statistics make a compelling case for his MVP candidacy, challenging traditional biases and reevaluating what truly defines the most valuable player in the league.

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Thumbnail photo via Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

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