Unleashing Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. vs. Titans on Sunday


Dec 3, 2023

In this NFL football article from the Indianapolis Colts’ perspective, we’ll shine the spotlight on the rising star, Michael Pittman Jr., and his fantasy football potential. We’ll also explore the betting elements surrounding Pittman and the strategy for leveraging his talent to enhance your DFS success. Let’s dive into the analysis.

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Michael Pittman Jr.’s Fantasy Value

Michael Pittman Jr. is a compelling option in the world of fantasy football. Priced at $7,900 on FanDuel and $7,100 on DraftKings, he offers excellent value for DFS players.

Pittman’s Season Ranking

Pittman may be ranked as wide receiver 17 on the year, but his performance goes beyond the numbers. With just three touchdowns this season, he’s shown an incredible ability to consistently command a massive target share.

Target Monster

One of Pittman’s standout qualities is his target volume. He has amassed a staggering 111 targets in just 11 games this season. This consistent target flow makes him a valuable asset in DFS.

Recent Performance Against Tennessee

Pittman’s recent performances against Tennessee have been noteworthy. With an impressive record of eight catches on 13 targets, eight catches on eight targets, and eight catches on 12 targets in his last three games, he has displayed reliability and consistency.

Betting Strategy with Pittman

When considering Michael Pittman Jr. for your DFS lineup, it’s essential to recognize the value he brings, especially in terms of target volume. Pairing him with a value quarterback like Gardner Minshew and a running back like Zack Moss can create an intriguing lineup that doesn’t break the bank.

Lower Total Game Caution

It’s worth noting that the game involving Pittman may have a lower total, which could affect fantasy point potential. However, Pittman’s consistent target share makes him a valuable DFS asset, regardless of the game’s total.

Cross Your Fingers with Minu

While Gardner Minshew offers a cost-effective quarterback option, there is some risk associated with him. DFS players should be aware of the possibility of turnovers, but the potential reward with Pittman’s target volume is enticing.


From the Indianapolis Colts’ perspective, Michael Pittman Jr. stands out as a top DFS option for NFL enthusiasts. His consistent target flow and affordability make him an attractive choice for DFS lineups. As you construct your DFS strategy, consider pairing Pittman with value plays like Minu and Zach Moss to create a well-rounded lineup. By leveraging Pittman’s talent and understanding the betting elements, you can enjoy a unique Colts perspective on the game while pursuing fantasy victory.

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