Do the Dolphins Need to Move on from Tua Tagovailoa?


Jan 15, 2024

In the high-stakes world of the NFL, teams constantly face tough decisions, especially regarding the quarterback position. The Miami Dolphins are at such a crossroads, contemplating a significant change. Tua Tagovailoa, the current signal-caller, has indeed shown progression this season, but when the chips were down against the top-tier teams, his performance didn’t quite hit the mark.

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Let’s look at the talent surrounding Tua. He had the fortune of teaming up with Tyreek Hill, who put up historic numbers this season, and Jaylen Waddle, who continued to impress with his dynamic play. Not to forget Raheem Mostert, who had a franchise-record 18 rushing touchdowns, and even De’Von Achane, who had a standout rookie season. This ensemble of skill position players was nothing short of remarkable, and it’s essential to factor this in when assessing Tua’s performance.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Tua is a solid quarterback. However, much of his success can be attributed to Mike McDaniel and the rest of the coaching staff, who have played a pivotal role in harnessing his potential and the talent around him. But the question remains – is Tua the right fit for the Dolphins moving forward?

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The bar is set incredibly high in an AFC brimming with elite quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, Josh Allen, and even Lamar Jackson. To stay competitive in such a landscape, the Dolphins might need a quarterback with a significantly higher ceiling than what Tua has shown thus far.

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It’s a challenging decision, no doubt. Tua has his strengths and has shown flashes of brilliance. But in the NFL, where the margin for error is razor-thin, especially in crucial games, having a quarterback who can consistently deliver against the best of the best is vital. The Dolphins have a talented squad, and with the right leader under center, they could very well be a formidable force in the league. As they ponder their next move, the football world will watch closely.

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