Does Jim Harbaugh’s 2nd Interview with the Chargers Mean a Deal is Essentially Done?


Jan 22, 2024

Jim Harbaugh has been at the center of NFL discussions lately, with speculations rife about his potential move from Michigan back to the pros. After achieving notable success with the Wolverines, including a national championship, Harbaugh is now in the spotlight for a possible return to the NFL. His next step is drawing considerable attention, particularly with the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Harbaugh is set for a second interview with the Chargers this week, a sign that things are heating up. The second interview stage usually indicates serious interest from both parties, suggesting that discussions are moving beyond preliminary talks. This isn’t just about exploring possibilities anymore; it’s about negotiating the finer details of a potential deal.

The key considerations in these discussions will likely revolve around salary, contract terms, the duration of the engagement, and the level of control and power Harbaugh would have over the Chargers’ operations. This scenario isn’t just about a job interview; it’s about crafting a deal that satisfies both Harbaugh and the Chargers’ management.

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Additionally, Harbaugh is rumored to have another meeting with the Atlanta Falcons, adding another layer to this unfolding story. The NFL coaching landscape is dynamic, and Harbaugh’s decision could have significant implications for the teams involved.

The situation is further complicated by the NFL’s requirement for teams to conduct thorough interview processes, including compliance with the Rooney Rule. This has led to an extensive interviewing process, including second interviews, not just for formality but for compliance and due diligence.

In this context, Harbaugh’s second interview with the Chargers is more than a mere formality; it’s a critical step in a potentially significant shift in his coaching career. As the NFL world watches closely, the question remains: Will Harbaugh make the leap back to the NFL with the Chargers, or will he choose a different path? The answer to this will undoubtedly significantly impact the NFL coaching landscape.

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Thumbnail photo via Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

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