The Golden State Warriors: The End of an Era?


Jan 16, 2024

The Golden State Warriors, once the shining stars of the NBA, now find themselves in the midst of a challenging season, raising questions about the future of the team up in the Bay Area. After a recent loss on the road against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Warriors now sit four games below .500 with an overall record of 18-22.

What makes this loss particularly alarming is that it marked the return of Draymond Green, who had been sidelined since December 12th. The Warriors had a golden opportunity, being favored by 7.5 points against a Memphis team missing key players like Ja Morant, Marcus Smart, and Desmond Bane for an extended period. Despite these advantages, the Grizzlies defied the odds and emerged victorious as a 7.5-point home underdog.

It’s a clear sign that the struggles for the Warriors go beyond just injuries. The era of dominance that saw them win multiple championships seems to be fading. However, it’s important to note that the fate of Steph Curry remains an open question. While it might be time for the Warriors to reevaluate their approach, Curry’s star power still shines brightly.

To revamp the team and regain competitiveness, the Warriors might need to make some difficult decisions. This could involve shedding the salaries of players like Chris Paul and Klay Thompson, and possibly utilizing promising talents to facilitate these moves. The end result could resemble the Los Angeles Lakers’ strategy, where one central figure, like LeBron James, carries the team, surrounded by a mix of role players.

Recall that even in 2020, with a 36-year-old LeBron James, the Lakers found the right formula by acquiring Anthony Davis and deploying Dwight Howard at center. Last season, they made it to the conference finals by astutely reshuffling their roster.

While a championship may be out of reach for the Warriors this season, it’s not impossible to envision a brighter future if they start planning now. The front office needs to reach out, shed salary, and build a playoff-quality rotation around Curry. The challenge lies in convincing Curry, who is 35 years old, that delaying their championship aspirations is the right path forward.

As the Warriors grapple with these tough decisions, one thing is certain: Stephen Curry deserves to leave a lasting legacy, one that doesn’t involve losing at home to lesser opponents. The end of an era may be approaching, but the story of the Golden State Warriors is far from over. It’s time to rebuild and potentially launch a new dynasty in the making.

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