Tyreek Hill Props and His Quest for 2,000 Yards vs. Bills


Jan 3, 2024

As the Buffalo Bills prepare to face the Miami Dolphins, one of the key narratives this NFL season has resolved around Tyreek Hill and his extraordinary year. Hill, renowned for his explosive playmaking ability, faces a daunting challenge as he eyes a monumental milestone of 2,000 receiving yards. However, achieving this against the Bills’ formidable defense is an uphill battle.

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Hill’s Pursuit of 2,000 Yards

Currently, Hill is on the cusp of reaching 2,000 receiving yards, a rare feat in the NFL. He needs between 283 yards to hit this target. While this is a significant number, dismissing the possibility entirely may not be wise. The NFL has witnessed some remarkable performances this season, such as those by CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper, who have racked up massive yardage in single games. Hill’s season-high came against the LA Chargers in Week 1, when he put up 215 yards. However, replicating such a feat against the Bills’ defense is a different story.

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The Buffalo Bills’ Defensive Dominance

The Bills’ defense, under the guidance of coach Sean McDermott, has been solid, particularly against the pass. Over the past five to six weeks, they have allowed only one passing touchdown. This statistic is even more impressive considering the injury challenges they have faced. The defense’s ability to adapt and maintain high-performance levels is a testament to McDermott’s leadership and the team’s depth.

The Odds and Matchup Dynamics

While there are no specific betting odds for Hill reaching the 2,000-yard milestone in this game, the challenge is evident when looking at his player props. 

Tyreek Hill Props at FanDuel 

  • Receiving Yards: Over 95.5 (-114) Under 94.5 (-114)
  • 125+ Alt Receiving Yards: +225
  • 150+ Alt Receiving Yards: +430
  • 175+ Alt Receiving Yards: +850

The Bills’ defense has proven to be a tough nut to crack, and achieving a 200-plus yard game against them is a formidable task for any receiver, even one of Hill’s caliber. 

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As the Dolphins and Bills clash, all eyes will be on whether Tyreek Hill can edge closer to the 2,000-yard mark. However, given the strength and recent performance of the Bills’ defense, achieving such a feat in this matchup seems unlikely. Hill’s pursuit of this milestone adds an extra layer of excitement to an already intriguing game, showcasing the high-stakes and elite talent present in the NFL.

Thumbnail photo via Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

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