Impact on College Football Playoffs Expanding to 12 Teams


Feb 22, 2024

In a monumental shift for college football, the playoffs are primed for expansion, ushering in a new era of postseason excitement. The Board of Governors recently cemented the long-anticipated change, paving the way for a 12-team field to battle it out for gridiron glory. This revamped format comprises five automatic berths for the highest-ranked conference champions nationwide, along with seven at-large bids, promising a more inclusive and dynamic playoff landscape.

Amidst the fervor surrounding this expansion, discussions swirl regarding the pivotal role of TV revenue in shaping the future of collegiate postseason football. ESPN’s current contract, extending until 2025, looms large in these deliberations, with talks of a lucrative new deal on the horizon, potentially commencing in 2026. Speculation abounds, with rumors hinting at a staggering $1.3 billion agreement spanning six years—a substantial increase compared to prior contracts.

The proposed contract not only dwarfs its predecessor in terms of financial magnitude but also signifies a seismic shift in coverage. With a commitment to broadcast at least 11 playoff games annually, ESPN emerges as the sole broadcasting behemoth, eclipsing competitors such as CBS, FOX, and digital giants like Amazon and Google.

However, amidst the excitement lies a palpable sense of apprehension, particularly for teams outside the traditional power conferences. The revised playoff structure, while fostering greater inclusivity, raises concerns about the fate of non-Power Five contenders like Cincinnati, potentially relegating them to the periphery of postseason contention. With only seven at-large slots up for grabs, conference runners-up face an uphill battle to secure a coveted playoff berth, raising questions about parity and access in collegiate football’s most prestigious tournament.

As discussions unfold and negotiations intensify, the college football community braces for a new era marked by expanded opportunities and unprecedented financial windfalls. While uncertainties linger and details remain to be ironed out, one thing is certain: the impending playoff expansion signifies a paradigm shift in the collegiate football landscape—one that promises to captivate fans and redefine the sport for years to come. As talks continue and rumors abound, keep your eyes peeled for the definitive contract signing as the countdown to a new era of college football fervor begins.

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