NFL Franchise Tag Market: Tee Higgins and the Cincinnati Bengals


Feb 20, 2024

The upcoming NFL franchise tag market promises to be a compelling arena, particularly with the intriguing situation surrounding Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals. With Ja’Marr Chase already making waves alongside Joe Burrow, attention turns to Higgins and his future role in the Bengals’ offense.

Expressing a desire to be a primary option in an NFL team’s passing game, Higgins faces a conundrum in Cincinnati, where Chase has firmly entrenched himself as a top target alongside him. While Higgins remains committed and without any holdout intentions, the reality is that his aspirations may not align with the Bengals’ long-term plans.

Cincinnati’s financial constraints further complicate matters. Operating within the confines of a salary cap, the Bengals must carefully allocate resources to sustain competitiveness. The impending payday for Chase, potentially one of the highest-paid wide receivers in NFL history, underscores the financial tightrope the organization navigates.

In the context of the Bengals’ financial limitations, the prospect of retaining both Chase and Higgins at premium salaries becomes increasingly improbable. The scenario of having two of the highest-paid wide receivers alongside a top-tier quarterback in Burrow poses significant challenges, particularly in sustaining a competitive defense.

Given these constraints, the likelihood of Higgins securing a lucrative deal to remain in Cincinnati diminishes. While he may harbor hopes of staying with the team, the harsh realities of NFL economics suggest otherwise. The Bengals’ pragmatic approach to roster management prioritizes sustainability over individual desires, potentially leading Higgins to explore opportunities elsewhere.

Ultimately, Higgins’ tenure with the Bengals may be defined by pragmatism rather than sentimentality. Despite his contributions and loyalty to the team, the financial dynamics of the NFL dictate tough decisions. While Higgins may wish for a fruitful and extended stay in Cincinnati, the harsh realities of the league’s financial landscape may force him to seek greener pastures elsewhere. As the franchise tag market unfolds, the fate of Higgins will undoubtedly be one of the most intriguing storylines to watch.

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Thumbnail photo via Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

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