Pros and Cons of Trading the Bears’ Star QB Justin Fields


Feb 13, 2024

Amidst speculation and differing opinions, the fate of Justin Fields with the Chicago Bears remains a topic of intense NFL debate. While some advocate for retaining Fields and building around him, others suggest exploring trade options to potentially acquire additional draft assets.

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One school of thought favors keeping Fields and leveraging the Bears’ draft position to bolster the team’s talent pool. The idea involves trading back from their current spot, potentially acquiring more picks, and targeting key players like Marvin Harrison Jr. to complement Fields’ skill set. With additional selections, the Bears could address multiple positions of need, whether it be adding another wide receiver like Malik Nabers or bolstering the defense with a standout prospect.

This strategy emphasizes continuity and incremental improvement, aiming to expedite the Bears’ progress by surrounding Fields with top-tier talent. By investing in Fields and providing him with ample support, the Bears could potentially accelerate their trajectory toward contention, avoiding the uncertainties associated with transitioning to a new quarterback.

Conversely, there are voices advocating for exploring trade scenarios involving Fields. The rationale behind such a move is to capitalize on Fields’ potential value in the trade market and acquire established talent or additional draft capital in return. This approach could allow the Bears to address multiple roster needs in one fell swoop, potentially accelerating their rebuild process.

However, the decision to trade Fields is not without its risks. It requires careful consideration of his potential impact and the long-term implications for the team’s competitiveness. Additionally, the Bears must weigh the potential returns offered in any trade package against Fields’ potential as a franchise quarterback and the cost of starting anew with a different signal-caller. They also must be convinced that picking Caleb Williams first overall as their new quarterback means a minimal drop-off in performance from Fields.

Ultimately, the Bears face a pivotal decision regarding Fields’ future. Whether they choose to retain him and build around his potential or explore trade options to expedite their rebuild, the outcome will shape the franchise’s trajectory for years to come. As the offseason progresses, all eyes will be on Chicago to see how they navigate this critical juncture in their roster construction.

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Thumbnail photo via Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

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