Yankees Body Makeover: Will the Real Slim Stanton Please Stand Up?


Feb 20, 2024

Giancarlo Stanton, the formidable New York Yankees slugger, has recently undergone a transformation that has left him almost unrecognizable to MLB followers.

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Known for his impressive stature, Stanton, who is 6’6″ and typically weighs in at 245 pounds, has appeared markedly slimmer in recent photographs. This dramatic change in his physique has caught the attention of fans and teammates alike, with Aaron Judge notably commenting that Stanton looks as though he has dedicated his offseason exclusively to cardio workouts. Such a comparison likens Stanton’s transformation to that of a linebacker slimming down to assume the role of a box safety in the NFL, highlighting the significant reduction in his size.

Speculation about Stanton’s weight loss method has arisen, with intermittent fasting being a possible strategy he employed. This shift toward a leaner build raises questions about its impact on Stanton’s durability, a concern given his history of injuries. The ability to stay healthy and consistently participate on the field has been a challenge for Stanton in the past. However, this transformation could improve agility and endurance, possibly keeping him more regularly in the game.

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New York Yankees Futures Odds at FanDuel

  • World Series Winner: +800 (4th shortest odds)
  • American League Winner: +390 (2nd shortest odds)
  • AL East Winner: +130 (shortest odds)
  • 93.5 Regular Season Wins: Over (-112) | Under (-108)
  • Make Playoffs: Yes (-430) No (+300)

Despite the changes in his physical appearance, Stanton remains a crucial player for the Yankees, who are the favorites to clinch the AL East with odds of +140. As the season progresses, it will be interesting to see how Stanton’s new physique affects his performance and whether it contributes to keeping him more active and present on the field, thereby bolstering the Yankees’ championship aspirations.

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Thumbnail photo via Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

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