Angels’ Hunter Says Ortiz’s Accolades ‘Are Going to Be Tainted’


Jul 30, 2009

Angels' Hunter Says Ortiz's Accolades 'Are Going to Be Tainted' Los Angeles Angels outfielder Torii Hunter is a longtime friend of David Ortiz but said that he was surprised and hurt when he heard that Ortiz was reportedly on the list of 103 players who failed a performance-enhancing drug test in 2003.

"I still love him but at the same time it's tough to hear that," Hunter told "I know
it's going to be tough on him and tough on his family once this gets
out. It's Big Papi, man, it's the Big Dog of Boston and he helped win
two World Series with those guys, with the clutch hits. And now all
those things are going to be tainted.

"He's still my boy, no matter what," Hunter added. "David is a great person and I love him to death. Nothing [is] going to change between us. I'm just shocked just like everybody else, that's all."

With the names of Alex Rodriguez and Sammy Sosa already being leaked to the public, Hunter, like some Red Sox players, said he believes the entire list should be made public at this point.

"Whoever got that list is just playing with Major League Baseball right now," Hunter told ESPN. "Either put [the list] away, or just put it out. It was anonymous and now the names are leaking and it's a joke."

Still, it was evident that Hunter was more disappointed than anything to hear the news.

"This hurts, this really hurts," Hunter said. "I don't know what to think about
this. I guess you just never know what people do in the dark."

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