Pondering Sports’ Most Difficult Questions


Just some random questions that are floating around in my head ?

If the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship, does it mean that LeBron needed Shaq to win or that Shaq needed LeBron/Kobe/Dwayne Wade?

Speaking of the Cavs, they set up their team to beat the Celts last
year. Now they get Shaq and set themselves up to beat the Magic. The
question is, are they still better than Boston?

Is the NBA draft completely irrelevant? I remember when this was the draft. Now, after the first pick (first three in a great year), I?m done.

Will Derek Jeter and Chipper Jones be the major leaguers we see wear just one uniform for their entire careers?

If pitching coaches let pitchers throw, say, 125 pitches per game
instead of 100, would it hurt them, or would their bodies just adjust?

If you?re a major league middle reliever, do you even bother
unpacking your suitcase when you get traded or sign with a new team?

When A-Rod said that he did steroids when he was
with Texas because he felt immense pressure, why didn?t anybody remind
him that he left the Rangers to join the New York Yankees?

Tom Brady and Joe Montana have both been to four Super Bowls. Granted, Montana is 4-0 and Brady 3-1, but Brady only lost because of what is, without question, the greatest/flukiest catch in the history of the game (sorry, Santonio).
Montana had pretty much the same people around him while Brady pretty
much did it with a different squad each time. Who really is the better

(I don?t care if that question makes me sound like a homer ? deal with it.)

Does any NFL coach need to start the season off hot more than Josh McDaniels?

Now that the Bruins aren?t terrible, will I start following hockey?

Why do they still use aluminum bats in college baseball?

Does anybody really believe that any basketball player who stays in college for four years will be any good in the pros?

Am I the only one who feels slightly uncomfortable every time Albert Pujols hits another home run?

How cool would this scenario be for the Red Sox ? making the
playoffs while the stacked Yankees don?t, beating the Rays in the ALCS
to make up for last season, and facing and beating Manny?s Dodgers to win the World Series?

The Red Sox are in first place, the Celtics might add Rasheed Wallace to an already incredible team, the Patriots look beyond
incredible for the upcoming season, and the Bruins are ? I don?t watch
hockey. Anyway, is it possible that we?ll see the first-ever four major
sport championship sweep?

Even if we don?t, now?s the best time to be a sports fan.

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