‘Lights Out at the Cup’ Takes on ‘The Wall of Tugnutt’


Sep 11, 2009

If you lived in Boston, you know where you were when the lights went out in the Garden in the middle of Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

You might not remember where you were when Ron Tugnutt pulled off one of the most miraculous performances in hockey history, but you certainly never forgot that effort.

These two games are matched up against each other in the final matchup of the first round of the Bruins Classics Showdown, and the winner will be decided by you.

An unexpected power outage during a Stanley Cup Finals game at The Boston Garden resulted in a bizarre 3-3 tie during Bruins-Oilers Game 4. As a result, the Bruins were forced to travel to Edmonton for the eventual Game 4 which the Oilers won to finish their championship season.

The Bruins may have been outmatched in the series, but the electrical trouble cost them a home game and a chance to turn the series around.

In the Tugnutt game, the Quebec goaltender saved 70 of 73 shots for a miraculous 3-3 tie. It was the second highest number of saves made in a regular-season NHL game and included 18 saves on Ray Bourque alone.

Tugnutt was so impressive that even the B's couldn't help but skate over to shake his hand after the game.

So which game will move on? The choice is yours, and you can vote on the Bruins Classics Showdown page.

The games will air on NESN on Monday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m.

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