Kevin Garnett Set to Organize Celtics’ Family Reunion


Kevin Garnett Set to Organize Celtics' Family Reunion Sports are famous for curses. The Bambino. The Billy Goat. The Sports Illustrated cover. Madden.

The Celtics are hoping to avoid a potential new jinx — the Family Guy.

Kevin Garnett will be a guest voice on the Fox sitcom next month. He is the second athlete to serve as a guest voice on the animated show. The first was Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in 2006 in the “Patriot Games” episode.

There is no proof that misfortune is tied to an athlete’s appearance on the irreverent comedy, but since Brady made his cartoon debut, the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl. That includes their perfect 16-0 regular season.


You be the judge.

The Celtics aren’t taking any chances. They already have found a magical elixir to fend off injury and cure all ailments. It’s called Kinesio tape, it comes from Asia and its healing powers remain a mystery.

But KG loves the black tape wrapped around his leg, and the rest of team is digging the new panacea as well. 

Whatever keeps the players on the court. Health, or lack thereof, prevented the Celtics from being at full strength last season, and in the end, that is what cost them any real shot of defending their world championship.

Once KG went down with his knee injury, the Celtics’ battleship was as good as sunk. The rest of the players gave it everything they had and picked up the slack the best they could, but when the Big Ticket is wearing street clothes, Emmanuel Lewis has a better chance of dunking a basketball on a regulation hoop than Boston does of winning a big game.

Losing Kevin Garnett is a void that can’t be filled for the Celtics. They need him the way The Doors needed Jim Morrison, the Lakers needed Magic Johnson, The Price Is Right needs Bob Barker.

It’s not the same without the indispensable piece of the puzzle, the irreplaceable part of the formula, the superstar of the show.

Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are both likely bound for Springfield one day. Rajon Rondo is a perennial All-Star waiting to bloom. Kendrick Perkins, Glen Davis, Eddie House and now Rasheed Wallace are key role players.

But KG is the heart and soul of the Celtics. He is their emotional and spiritual leader — and they missed more than just the points, rebounds, blocked shots and intimidating presence he brings to the court.

Boston missed his roar on the floor. 

Garnett’s absence threw off the entire equilibrium of the team. There was nobody to set the tone, nobody to put the team on his shoulders and carry them out of the valley of darkness, nobody to will them to victory, no rudder to steer them from danger, no warrior to never say die.

Kevin Garnett wasn’t the only reason the Celtics won No. 17, but he was the main reason they didn’t win No. 18 last season.

Why do you think KG is Bill Russell’s favorite player to watch? It’s not because they both stand closer to the sun than the average person. It’s because Garnett is relentless. He leaves every ounce of hustle on the hardwood. You never feel cheated after watching him play. He doesn’t know the meaning of coasting.

Coming back from a knee injury is not easy. Garnett has been working hard to shake off the rust, but if Tom Brady can return to Hall of Fame form, Garnett should be able to rediscover the power of “won” also.

If that happens, the Celtics can forget about being foredoomed. The rest of the NBA will be doing all the cursing.

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