The Celtics and Rajon Rondo might be able to get a deal done after all.

Rondo seemed headed for restricted free agency at the end of the season, but the point guard and Celtics appear willing to attempt to work out a long-term extension by the Saturday deadline, The Boston Globe reports.

On Monday, Rondo's agent Bill Duffy told Yahoo Sports that a deal would not be in place by Saturday's deadline. But just a day later, Rondo's contract situation appears to have changed drastically with Duffy and Celtics general manager Danny Ainge progressing with their talks.

"Danny and I touched base before I came to [Cleveland], and Danny expressed a willingness to move a little bit," Duffy told the Globe. "Obviously, we’re going to entertain that. We’ve got four days here so we are going to see what transpires between now and then."

Ainge and Duffy talked on Tuesday before the Celtics-Cavaliers season opener and continued discussions throughout the game.

"[Monday], I thought we had our position, and they had their position," Duffy told the Globe. "But he reached out, so obviously, my obligation is to entertain that."

Rondo apparently wasn't too worried about his contract status during the Celtics' season opener, as he put up eight points and had 10 assists in the C's win.

"He’s pretty fearless," Duffy told the Globe about Rondo. "He knows what his job is, so one way or another, he instructed me that he’s fine either way."