Red Sox infielder Jed Lowrie has been diagnosed with mononucleosis, according to manager Terry Francona.

Lowrie had been absent from the team for over a week and was undergoing a battery of tests, including stress and blood work. He told Francona several days ago that he felt as if he had been hit by a truck.

Francona said the 25-year-old Lowrie will be able to resume physical activities as long as he can tolerate things.

"There's a reason he was feeling run down the last week," Francona said. "He was on the bike [Tuesday]. I don't think he will have a ton of energy the next week or two, but he can do physical things as tolerated, so we'll monitor him."

Francona admitted he had mono himself in high school. Known as the
"kissing disease," it is a virus which can cause fever, sore throat and
general fatigue and weakness.

"I don't think we want [Lowrie] kissing anyone," Francona quipped, "but we'll keep an eye on him."

The Lowrie update was one of many on the medical front Wednesday morning in Fort Myers.

The Red Sox skipper said that outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury is battling a throat problem which will require an examination by team doctors and some rest.

"He's scuffling today so rather than play him, we have a day off [Thursday], we'll get him looked at by the doctors, get some meds in him, give him a day off Friday and get him back in there Saturday so we don't prolong that," Francona said.

Josh Beckett, seen laughing it up with pitching coach John Farrell in the clubhouse, is feeling much better, according to Francona. He is still on track to start Friday against Pittsburgh.

Beckett was scratched from his start Sunday after falling ill.

Also, infielder Gil Velazquez jammed a thumb diving into a base in the loss to Houston on Tuesday. He, too, will be looked at Wednesday and given some time off.