Bruins Must Put Aside Distractions, Focus on Ultimate Goal

Bruins Must Put Aside Distractions, Focus on Ultimate Goal The Bruins hold a 2-0 series advantage over the Flyers, but things can turn on a dime. Just ask the 2004 New York Yankees.

It's crucial for the Bruins — as you'll see in the three keys below — to keep up their sudden burst of tenacity and perseverance. To walk away with a commanding victory and all but lock up the series, this is what must be done.

1. Don't rest on your laurels.
Yes, the Bruins may be up 2-0 in this series but both games have been one-goal wins and wins in which the Bruins relinquished leads before winning. The Bruins need to be careful of not resting or sitting back thinking that they will always be able to pull out a win. Yes, their resilience has been proven and is in full effect right now, but sooner or later it will catch up.
2. Don't retaliate.
The trash-talking in this series is approaching old-school status and made for brilliant fodder for both writers and readers alike. But the bottom line is, the Bruins are in the driver's seat and there's no need to resort to retaliatory acts. Take a number and remember for when the series is in the bag or even next season. There is no need to give the Flyers any opportunities they don't earn or anything they don't deserve. Let their frustration get the best of them.
3. Get the power play going again.
The Flyers will be aggressive and borderline throughout the game as they ride desperation to get back into the series. Let them take senseless penalties and when they do, make them pay. Once on the power play, take advantage of what so far has been rebound central with Brian Boucher. Drive to the net, cycle the puck for shots from the point and pounce on those rebounds. There are chances to be had so don't get fancy and miss them.

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