In Which Sport Does a Manager/Coach Have the Greatest Impact?


In Which Sport Does a Manager/Coach Have the Greatest Impact? There's a reason that every championship team is run by a great leader.

While a coach or manager isn't necessarily directly involved with the play on the field, the best are the ones who are able to get the greatest performance out of their players.

In baseball, managers are faced with the daunting task of keeping a team well-rested, focused and driven throughout a grueling 162-game season. Terry Francona is known to be one of the best skippers in the game for his ability to keep his team loose, and it's paid off with two World Series wins for Boston.

In hockey and basketball, coaches also act as spiritual leaders. Lakers head coach Phil Jackson is known as the "Zen Master," because he has a knack for convincing great players to work together as a cohesive unit.

But more so than baseball managers, hockey and basketball coaches deal with the Xs and Os. It's hard to draw up too many plays in baseball, but in hockey and basketball, strategy is half the battle.

So, which sport does a manager/coach have the greatest impact?

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