Manny Ramirez is bringing a new look to Boston this weekend and it will be more than just his latest uniform.

He's also bringing his barber.

That's right, the White Sox DH is flying his personal barber to Boston to have his hair cut before Friday's game against the Red Sox, according to

The club, much like the Yankees, has appearance standards, which were set by owner Jerry Reinsdorf. This rule wasn't just set for Ramirez, as Reinsdorf had longtime veteran A.J. Pierzynski and Joe Crede cut their hair back in 2006.

"It seems like everywhere I go, people worry about my hair," Ramirez told "I just want to go out there and play the game."

The barber goes by the nickname Monster99. His real name is Angel Pena and he also cuts the hair of fellow MLB stars Cliff Lee, Derek Jeter and David Ortiz, as well as White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

The Dodgers had asked Ramirez to cut his hair when the club acquired him from the Red Sox in 2008. Ramirez complied, although it appeared he took roughly two inches off his long, flowing locks.

What haircut do you want to see Manny sport in his return to Fenway Park?