Where Will Manny Ramirez Be Playing in 2011?


Where Will Manny Ramirez Be Playing in 2011? Manny Ramirez hasn't exactly lived up to the hype during his two-month audition with the Chicago White Sox. In 21 games with the team, he's batting .242 with one home run, and the team slumped terribly to fall completely out of playoff contention.

Ramirez was a hired gun in the effort to get the ChiSox into the postseason. He didn't complete his mission and it seems likely that he'll be on his way out of town this offseason.

Given his poor performance, he'll likely be an inexpensive flier taken by a team that has backup plans, or simply a name brought in by a poor team to put fans in the seats.

One thing about Manny's destination is certain — he won't be back in the NL. At this point, he's far too old, slow and injury prone to be playing the field. He needs to be a designated hitter.

That leaves 14 options — 13 if you immediately remove Chicago. In the AL West, Texas has no need for him, nor does Anaheim — though both clubs are the type that would sign Manny. Seattle has nobody that can hit, and they desperately need something exciting, so that's not out of the question. Lastly in the AL West is Oakland, but the A's love geriatric bargains.

In the Central, Minnesota doesn't need him. They have his equally old ex-teammate Jim Thome, except that Thome has held up much better with age. A return to where it all started, Cleveland, may make some sense. It's familiar, fitting, and could be a good way for it all to end. Kansas City is pretty much out of the question, but Detroit may not be. They currently have Johnny Damon as their DH, but it's unclear whether or not he'll be back.

In the East, of course, are the Red Sox. It doesn't seem likely that Manny would be on his way back, but crazier things have happened. A move to the Yankees, on the other hand, would be too crazy to fathom. Tampa, Toronto and Baltimore — however — all seem viable.

So, where do you think Manny Ramirez will be playing in 2011?

Share your thoughts below.

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