Is Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony More Likely to End Up With the Knicks This Season?


Is Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony More Likely to End Up With the Knicks This Season? It was easy for NBA trade rumors that didn't involve the word "decision" or "South Beach," to get swept off to the sidelines during the 2010 offseason, but if you were paying attention there was quite a bit going on.

It seems there was a substantial shift in the NBA this summer, and I'm not talking about LeBron James. Many franchises saw significant shake-ups, and even Boston saw big (literally big) changes.

And lucky for NBA fans, the fun isn't over. There are still some loose ends that need to be tied up before the season is over.

While Miami was constructing their own version of the Big Three, the New York Knicks were discussing a similar blueprint. They were successful in bringing in their first component, signing Amare Stoudemire out of Phoenix for the first big blockbuster move of summer 2010. However, there are two other pieces of their future puzzle they are looking to bring in, and they are both the franchise players of their current clubs.

But which will be the first one to take a bite of the Big Apple?

Carmelo Anthony was first mentioned by New York back in July, as rumors began pouring in that the Denver Nuggets star was looking for a change. Those "change" rumors were confirmed on Wednesday, as Anthony told Yahoo! Sports writer, Marc J. Spears, he was not taking the $65 million contract extension in Denver, and that he was ready to move on.

ESPN reported last week that the Knicks are working round-the-clock to secure a first round draft pick to include in the trade package for 'Melo, a package that would also include Anthony Randolph, Eddy Curry's expiring contract, and possibly Danilo Gallinari. The Knicks are one of the big players for Anthony, and it doesn't hurt that his new wife LaLa, works in New York.

There's another player in the NBA who's been enticed by the Big Three notion, LeBron's good friend Chris Paul. The Hornets guard has not been hiding his frustrations in New Orleans and he has outwardly asked for a trade. While the rumors have been hushed for a while, there's no doubt Paul is looking for a change as well.

Under the influence of his best buddy King James, it's likely Paul is picking up some pointers on how to finagle a trade and start working toward a championship. With all the movement in New York, they may try to secure Paul first to ensure they have the playmaker for the new era. Paul has listed the Knicks as one of his top choices for a trade, so it may not take much to snag him.

The question now is what the Knicks next move will be. They've added the foundation to their Big Three attempt, but what will the next step be?

Who do you think the Knicks will go after this season?

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