Ex-Bruin Brad Boyes Scores Deciding Goal As Blues Edge B’s 2-1 in Shootout

Ex-Bruin Brad Boyes Scores Deciding Goal As Blues Edge B's 2-1 in Shootout Final, Blues 2-1 (shootout): The Bruins earned a point, but not the two they were after as the Blues escape with a shootout victory at the Garden. 

It was a pair of ex-Bruins that did in Boston, as Vladimir Sobotka scored the only goal in regulation for St. Louis and Brad Boyes scored the deciding goal in the shootout.

Greg Campbell had Boston's lone goal, while Michael Ryder and Nathan Horton were among the Bruins who turned in strong efforts. This one could be overshadowed by the loss of David Krejci in overtime though, depending on the severity of his injury from a hit by St. Louis' T.J. Oshie.

Shootout: The Bruins will shoot first, with Patrice Bergeron taking the first shot.

His attempt clangs off the left post.

St. Louis goes with T.J. Oshie, who scores on a backhand move for a 1-0 lead.

Tyler Seguin goes second for the B's and ties it with a nifty backhand move.

Old friend Brad Boyes makes it 2-1 with a forehand move.

Michael Ryder tries to cap an impressive night, but can't finish the chance, and the Blues take the 2-1 decision.

End Overtime, 1-1: This one is going to a shootout, as the five-minute OT can't provide a victor.

Rough final shift for Mark Stuart, who was shaking his hand after blocking a shot, but stayed on and drove to the net, only to be sent flying as he was sandwiched by a pair of Blues.

Overtime, 3:32, 1-1: St. Louis' McDonald with a bid in front, but Rask stones him to keep the game going.

Overtime, 0:44, 1-1: Krejci was able to get off the ice under his own power, but headed directly to the locker room.

Overtime, 0:44, 1-1: The 4-on-4 extra session is under way, and it hasn't started well for the Bruins, as David Krejci is down hurt after a viscous collision with T.J. Oshie at center ice.

Third Period, 18:05, 1-1: Scary moment there for the Bruins, as Seidenberg coughs up the puck in front of the net, then makes up for it with a diving pokecheck to prevent scoring chance.

Third Period, 15:35, 1-1: The Bruins can't convert on the power play, and the Blues actually had the best chances to score.

Ryder broke up the one bid, while Rask also had to make a big save.

Third Period, 13:35, 1-1: The Bruins have a chance for their first lead of the night as Pietrangelo goes off for hooking.

Ryder continues his impressive night with a huge back check to break up a short-handed bid by Erik Johnson.

Third Period, 13:00, 1-1: The Bruins' hard work finally pays off, as Greg Campbell ties it up off a feed from Ryder.

Ryder was out with Campbell and Marchand for that shift, and those three, plus Ference as a trailer created an odd-man break with Ryder sending the pass from the left wing to Campbell in the slot, and he swept it past Halak inside the right post.

Third Period, 10:23, Blues 1-0: The Bruins are pouring on the pressure, but still can't get anything past Halak.

Shots are now just 29-25 in favor of St. Louis, as the Bruins have carried play for much of the second and third periods after the Blues controlled the first.

Third Period, 8:39, Blues 1-0: Huge scrum in the St. Louis crease. Horton is upset by some extra shots taken and tries to get at Oshie, while Erik Johnson is draped all over his back.

Johnson and Horton each get two minutes for roughing.

Third Period, 7:43, Blues 1-0: Big opportunity here for the Bruins, as Ian Cole is sent off for tripping.

Good work again by the fourth line to draw the call and give Boston the power play.

Third Period, 6:51, Blues 1-0: Michael Ryder brings the pain with a huge hit on old friend Sobotka, who in turn takes out Alex Pietrangelo with a nice domino effect.

Third Period, 4:27, Blues 1-0: Backes delivers a big hit on Horton, driving him into the boards in front of the penalty boxes.

Horton shakes it off and has a scoring chance seconds later with a shot from the left slot.

Third Period, 3:34, Blues 1-0: Stuart and Sobotka shove after the whistle, while both McQuaid and Lucic converge on Janssen to make sure the Blues' tough guy can't get involved.  

Third Period, 2:45, Blues 1-0: The Seguin line does a nice job to create some pressure, but Seguin's tip of a Chara point shot goes out of play.

That stoppage does let Ference get out of the box though.

Third Period, 0:00, Blues 1-0: The final period is under way and Lucic looks to be a bit ornery to start this one.

He was shoving with Oshie before the drop of the puck, then battled with Erik Johnson in the Blues zone.

Second Intermission Notes: The Bruins turned the tide a bit in the second, but didn't come away with a goal for their efforts.

Still, it was an encouraging frame after another slow start in the first. Tuukka Rask has looked like the Tuukka of last year, stopping 24 of 25 shots to the point, including a couple of real dangerous chances.

The Bruins have had their own chances, particularly Nathan Horton, who leads the Bruins with four shots and has had two near goals waved off so far in this one. The Bruins should also by bolstered in the third with a full complement on defense, as Ference's misconduct for instigating a fight will end about a minute into the period. Stuart has already served his fighting major and returned to action.

End Second Period, Blues 1-0: A much better effort from the Bruins in the second, but they still can't get a shot past Halak. At least not one the war room in Toronto will agree is a goal.

If the Bruins can keep up this energy and intensity in the third, one of these chances has to eventually go in. They're certainly in better shape than they were on Friday when they trailed 3-0 in Washington before awakening in the third.

Second Period, 19:49, Blues 1-0: Chara and Crombeen collide behind the Bruins net, sending the cage flying. Crombeen takes exception, but can't get off his knees as both Chara and Seidenberg swat him away. No penalties called on the play.

Second Period, 18:44, Blues 1-0: The Tuukka chants are back, as the Bruins kill off both penalties and are back at even strength.

Great work in particular by Chara, Seidenberg and Bergeron on the 5-on-3.

Second Period, 16:44, Blues 1-0: Things just took a turn for the worse for the Bruins, as Adam McQuaid gets called for delay of game as his clearing attempt goes over the glass.

The Blues have a 5-on-3 advantage for 1:14.

Second Period, 15:57, Blues 1-0: The Bruins can't convert on their first power-play chance of the night, and now St. Louis will get a chance with the man-advantage as Matt Hunwick goes off for tripping after taking out Sobotka to prevent a short-handed breakaway.

Second Period, 14:02, Blues 1-0: And another Horton goal is waved off by the refs.

This time he picked the top near corner from the slot on a delayed call, but the ref immediately waved it off as hitting the crossbar despite the goal judge turning on the red light.

The video replay upheld the call, but the Bruins will go on the power play with Eric Brewer heading to the box for hooking Horton.

Second Period, 13:30, Blues 1-0: Blues tough guy Janssen clearly feels left out with all these fights not involving him. He tries to stir things up with a run at Hunwick. But even though he left his feet for a leaping check, no penalty was called.

Second Period, 11:37, Blues 1-0: The gloves are off again, as Mark Stuart blasts Jay McCelment with a huge but clean open-ice hit at the red line, and B.J. Crombeen immediately challenges him.

They square off and engage in another lengthy bout with both men getting in some good shots, but Stuart ended it with a pair of rights to put Crombeen down.

Five each for fighting, and Boston will be down two d-men for a few minutes with Ference still in the box. I hate the instigator rule, but if you're going to call it on Ference, how does Crombeen not get it when he clearly initiated that fight?

Second Period, 9:20, Blues 1-0: Marchand with the turnaround shot from the high slot forces Halak to make a nice toe save to keep the Blues in the lead.

Second Period, 7:40, Blues 1-0: Chara goes for a big hit on Oshie in the corner, but gets the worst of it as the big guy goes down.

Still, it's encouraging to see the Bruins playing much more physical this period, with better energy and intensity, especially since Ference's fight.

Second Period, 4:01, Blues 1-0: The internet at the Garden is going at an even slower pace than the Bruins' offense, so apologies for the lack of updates the last few minutes.

While I was rebooting my laptop to try to get back online, Andrew Ference was trying to get the Bruins going with a lengthy and spirited scrap with David Backes. After a square-off outside the Bruins' blue line, they both traded big shots, with plenty connecting. Ference got the extra two for instigating, however, but even on the PK the Bruins seem to have been energized by the bout as they created several scoring chances short-handed.

Second Period, 2:40, Blues 1-0: Horton with another bid from the slot, this one catches Halak up high and caroms off into the corner.

Second Period, 1:50, Blues 1-0: The fourth line bringing some needed energy, with Campbell, Marchand and Thornton all crashing the net and creating a scrum in front.

Second Period, 1:17, Blues 1-0: The Bruins had two shots in the first minute of the second period after just six in the entire first. Maybe they'll finally get the offense going here.

First Intermission Notes: The Bruins didn't play horribly in the first, but they didn't come out with the kind of start they wanted after Friday's loss in Washington.

They weren't able to carry the momentum from their third-period rally against the Caps, and instead once again struggled to generate scoring chances and shots. Nathan Horton, who said before the game that he wanted to shoot more, is the only Bruins consistently driving to the net, and he has three of Boston's six shots.

The Bruins have been credited with an 18-10 edge in hits, but it didn't look as physical as those numbers imply. They need to be more aggressive on their forecheck and be the ones forcing St. Louis into mistakes, rather than coughing the puck under the Blues' pressure, as Seidenberg did to lead to St. Louis' goal.

End First Period, Blues 1-0: The first period ends with the Bruins trailing again.

Just like Friday in Washington, the Bruins have struggled to generate shots and turnovers in their own end have cost them. They were outshot 8-3 in the first by the Caps, and now they've been outshot 13-6 by the Blues.

First Period, 19:17, Blues 1-0: Nathan Horton with a golden chance in front, but Halak smothers the shot.

Horton said before the game that he wanted to shoot more, and he's definitely trying so far in this one.

First Period, 16:40, Blues 1-0: Old friend Vladimir Sobotka comes back to haunt the B's as he scores the first goal of the game.

Alex Steen started the play by stealing the puck from Seidenberg, then tipping it over to Sobotka, who was all alone in the slot for the shot.

First Period, 15:20, 0-0: Milan Lucic finally ends Boston's shot drought with a bad angle shot from the left side.

After getting just three shots in the first period Friday, that was Boston's fourth in just over 15 minutes in this one. That's progress I guess.

First Period, 13:50, 0-0: Chara took an Oshie shot off the leg that had to sting, but the big guy stays out for the rest of his shift.

First Period, 11:58, 0-0: The Bruins successfully kill off that penalty, allowing just two shots on goal.

Boston has just two shots total so far in this one though, which is certainly not the kind of start they were seeking after Friday's slow start in Washington.

First Period, 10:34, 0-0: Things are starting to get a bit chippy, as Ference and David Backes exchange shoves in front of the Bruins net after a whistle.

No further penalties are called, as the Blues continue their power play.

First Period, 9:58, 0-0: The Bruins get the first penalty of the game, as David Krejci goes off for hooking.

This will be a test for Boston's top-ranked PK against the Blues without one of their main penalty killers in Krejci.

First Period, 8:53, 0-0: Heavy pressure from the Blues top line there on that shift against Boston's fourth line.

Rask lost his stick at one point, but was able to keep the puck out as Boston eventually cleared the puck to relieve the pressure.

First Period, 5:12, 0-0: True to his word, Brad Marchand plays no favorites with old buddy Vlad Sobotka, delivering a sneaky cross-check to Sobotka's back as Marchand goes off for a change.

First Period, 3:16, 0-0: The no-goal ruling was upheld upon review, leaving the game scoreless.

Horton's shot hit off the far post, ten hit Halak's back, but the Blues goalie reached back to keep it from going across the line.

First Period, 3:16, 0-0: The Bruins appeared to draw first blood as Nathan Horton's turnaround shot from the right side gets past Halak, but the ref immediately waves off the goal.

The play is under review.

First Period, 2:10, 0-0: Blues tough guy Cam Janssen takes a healthy run at Dennis Seidenberg.

The mild-mannered Seidenberg seems to have a knack for drawing the attention of the tough guys after Ottawa's Chris Neil picked a fight with him last week.

First Period, 1:06, 0-0: Rask gets an early test on a long shot in by Tyson Strachan, and another closer bid off the ensuing face-off.

The Bruins don't want too many clean looks on Rask, but it's good for him to see a few pucks early as he makes his first start in two weeks.

First Period, 0:00, 0-0: And we're under way at the Garden, with the Bruins looking to rebound from Friday's loss at Washington against a St. Louis squad that comes in riding a five-game winning streak.

6:55 p.m.: The scratches are official, and Paille, McGrattan and Johnny Boychuk (forearm) are out for Boston.

David Perron, Brad Winchester and Nicholas Drazenovic are out for St. Louis.

The Blues are starting the line of Andy McDonald, T.J. Oshie and David Backes up front and Eric Brewer and Erik Johnson on defense, with Jaroslav Halak in goal.

The Bruins counter with their top line of David Krejci between Milan Lucic and Nathan Horton, with Zdeno Chara and Andrew Ference on defense and Tuukka Rask in goal.

6:40 p.m.: The warm-ups are wrapping up at the Garden.

As expected, Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak led their respective teams onto the ice, confirming that will be the starting goaltending matchup.

The Bruins rolled the same lines in warm-ups that they have been using, so no changes are expected in Boston's lineup. Daniel Paille was on the ice for warmups, but did not participate in the line drills. He will be a healthy scratch again, as will Brian McGrattan, who did not skate in the warm-up.

The Blues will have some changes. David Perron reportedly felt dizzy at the morning skate and will not play in this one. He was hit with a lateral shot to the head by Joe Thornton on Thursday, which resulted in a two-game suspension for Thornton. Brad Winchester also did not skate in warm-ups. Enforcer Cam Janssen did, and looks like he will play his second game of the season.

Even with Janssen, the Blues will have just 11 forwards available, and will dress seven defensemen. That includes recent call-up Ian Cole and Nikita Nikitin, who has been activated from injured reserve. Both will be making their NHL debuts in this game.

6 p.m.: It's Tuukka Time again.

Bruins coach Claude Julien usually doesn't reveal his starting goalie before the game, but he broke from routine in his pregame briefing just minute ago when he confirmed that Tuukka Rask will indeed be starting against St. Louis.

"It's Tuukka," said Julien simply to the question about who would be in goal.

Rask hasn't started in two weeks, with his last start coming against the Rangers on Oct. 23. But he did get some work in Friday night, relieving Tim Thomas in the third period at Washington. Rask was sharp despite the layoff, stopping 12 of the 13 shots he faced, and Julien felt getting some work in will benefit the netminder heading into this matchup with the red-hot Blues.

"It was a good opportunity for him if he had a little bit of rust, to get that rust off and at least more comfortable about playing tonight," said Julien.

5:30 p.m.: The Bruins are getting ready to face the Blues for the only time this season, as they complete a stretch of three games in four days.

There is a justifiable concern that the Bruins could be worn down by such a workload, and indeed Claude Julien gave them the morning off by cancelling the morning skate.

But at least one Bruin isn't worried about fatigue, as Shawn Thornton has faced much tougher schedules in the minors.

"Three games in two and a half days was the AHL," said Thornton. "This is a nothing. This is a breeze. Plus you're on buses down there, not planes."

Thornton is confident the rest of the Bruins are well rested and ready for this one as well.

"Looking around the room, I don't think the guys are tired at all," said Thornton. "I think everyone is pretty fresh. We got in relatively early last night. I know I wouldn't have gone to bed any earlier if we had had a home game last night."

8 a.m.: The Bruins return home after a disappointing ending to an otherwise successful three-game road trip.

Boston won back-to-back division games in Ottawa and Buffalo, but came out flat in Washington on Friday and fell 5-3 to the Capitals despite a strong rally in the third period.

The Bruins will look to build off that third-period showing on Saturday when they face St. Louis for the only time this year. They'll need a more complete effort, as the Blues come in riding a five-game winning streak with goalie Jaroslav Halak having posted shutouts in three of his last four starts.

The puck drops at 7 p.m. at TD Garden, so check back here throughout the day for updates on all the action.

First Period, 8:53, 0-0: H


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