Fan Forum: Should Celtics Sign Stephon Marbury to Fill Void Left by Delonte West?


Nov 30, 2010

Fan Forum: Should Celtics Sign Stephon Marbury to Fill Void Left by Delonte West? In one fell swoop, a basketball player can watch his or her season take an unexpected turn — an experience recently understood by two NBA guards that have suited up for the Celtics.

After going through seasons of turmoil, renewed Celtics guard Delonte West seemed to be back on track. Then with one bone-crushing fall, he saw the season flash before his eyes, as a broken wrist has sent him back to the sidelines.

On the other side of the world, former Celtics guard Stephon Marbury underwent a similar crushing experience. After a few tumultuous years in the NBA (minus a trouble-free season with the Celtics) Marbury found unbelievable success with Shanxi in the CBA. Heading back to start his second season in China, however, Marbury received the news that Shanxi didn’t share his same enthusiasm starting the year.

Refusing to take a pay cut or an assistant coaching position with Shanxi, Marbury’s next move is unknown, so where will he end up? Should the Celtics pursue the veteran for another go around?

West was starting to look like the bona fide option at backup point guard for the Celtics. The brief injury of Rajon Rondo made the Celtics quickly realize how important that backup position is, and West was filling in admirably before the unfortunate break. Now the question remains, who will fill that void?

Rondo is back in the starting lineup for the foreseeable future, but it could be smart for the Celtics to explore another backup option.

Boston currently lists Nate Robinson as the primary backup at point, moving Von Wafer into the backup position at shooting guard. While this move works for the C’s, Robinson’s dynamic presence could be better served as a swingman in the shooting guard position.

By bringing Marbury back in the mix, the Celtics could have another prominent, experienced figure on the bench. He may have had a few rough years in New York toward the end of his NBA career, but his relationship with Boston was an amicable one. The C’s even asked him back for the 2009-10 season, but Marbury turned the offer down to focus on his business.

Bringing Marbury back into the mix could be beneficial for both parties. It could be the perfect remedy for Marbury’s shock treatment in China, and a reasonable solution for West’s unexpected injury so early in the season.

Do you think the Celtics should explore the option of bringing back Stephon Marbury? Share your thoughts below.

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