NHL analyst Darren Pang said something on Tuesday while discussing Montreal rookie defenseman P.K Subban which he wished he could have taken back instantly.

Pang painted a picture of Subban, a 21-year-old Toronto native, as a young player who is “full of life” and explained that “the more gregarious he got, the more full of life he got, the more everybody wants to settle him down.”

According to Pang, Subban should look to St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo and “maybe try to duplicate [him].”

Pang continued, saying Pietrangelo “does everything, on the ice, off the ice, the white way.”

Immediately knowing that the jaws of thousands of viewers just hit the floor beneath them, Pang corrected himself saying “the right way.”

Later, during the NHL on TSN broadcast, Pang explained that it was a terrible mistake and that his tongue got twisted.

“I feel terrible, I’ve got a knot in my stomach,” he said. “It was an honest mistake, and I mixed up my words, obviously.”