When it comes to Marc Savard's latest concussion, he and the Bruins are still unsure of what the center's status will be going forward. So for now, the B's will have to wait and see how that turns out before they can address their roster situation.

Bruins president Cam Neely spoke on 98.5 the Sports Hub's Felger and Massarotti Show on Wednesday and talked about the status of Savard and what the team might have to do going forward. Neely said that the team's decisions hinge on the news they eventually receive from Savard and team doctors.

"We have to let this play out for a few days, it's one of those things with no real timeline you can put on it," Neely said. "How he feels will dictate how we do it. It's a shame because he was just starting to come around."

When asked later what the Bruins' responding roster moves might look like, Neely was unsurprisingly noncommittal.

"We'll certainly cross those bridges when we come to them. It's not up to us to decide, it's up to the doctors and Marc. Those are the decision-makers to decide when and if he'll be back. Once those decisions come down, we can move forward."

When asked about the discrepancy in playing time between Savard and the initial reason for Savard's concussions, Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke, over the past year, Neely basically declined to comment on the past.

"I've said this before, I'll say it again. I tend to be one of those guys, my rear-view window is broken," he said. "The league decided not to do anything. Cooke is playing. Savard is out."

However, Neely did elude that while hitting is a part of hockey, sometimes, cheap shots can happen.

"This isn't the first time it's happened. It's happened as long as hockey's been around; that someone takes a cheap shot that ends their career or limits their career.

"You don't want to take hitting out of hockey. It's an integral part. That's the challenge for the league, the GM's in general, to try to avoid and limit these concussions without eliminating hitting from the game. I guess that if there were different suspensions, it would create less hitting, because guys won't want to be suspended."