Bruins fans who called on the front office to call up Brian McGrattan whenever a dirty deed to be carried out will never get to see that actually come to fruition.

The B's announced on Sunday night that they had shipped the veteran tough guy to Anaheim for a pair of minor leaguers in forwards David Laliberte and Stefan Chaput.

McGrattan was brought in before the season to give the B's some depth and even traveled with the team to Europe for the team's start in Belfast and Prague. That was as close as he would get to playing with the black and gold, however, as McGrattan has spent the entire year in Providence.

In Laliberte and Chaput, the Bruins get two players with limited NHL experience. In fact, Chaput has never played in an NHL game, and Laliberte has only appeared in 11 games.

Laliberte has 8-10-18 totals this season in the AHL, while Chaput's AHL totals are 3-7-10.

The Ducks also acquired Sean Zimmerman, who had also been playing in Providence with McGrattan.