Supporters of the Boston Bruins and fans of the Montreal Canadiens have always had trouble seeing eye-to-eye when it comes to hockey. And it doesn’t look like they'll be settling those differences anytime soon.

The latest installment in the heated Bruins-Canadiens rivalry deals with the media as Dave Stubbs, a reporter for the Montreal Gazette has called out all of Bruins Nation (the fans, the players, radio hosts and even the content played on the TD Garden scoreboard), calling Boston "sore winners."

"There's been a great deal of poor winning going on in Boston since Wednesday night," he writes. "And that's a shame given the high road that the Bruins and their extended family could have chosen to drive into the Eastern Conference semifinals."

Stubbs goes on to say that Tim Thomas insulted Montreal's P.K. Subban by saying that the defenseman "falls down like he's had a brick dropped on his chest."

The writer also insisted that Thomas insulted the Canadiens team by commenting on many of the questionable acting jobs put on by the Habs.

"Thomas was throwing stones in a house not made of Plexiglas, given the way this series unfolded," Stubbs wrote.

And the drastic judgments made on the Bruin' character only get worse from there.  

"And add to your must-see list the TD Garden scoreboard glorification of the Big Bad Bruins' goonery and thuggery through the ages," he wrote. "Why waste electricity celebrating the wizardry and artistry of Bobby Orr or Phil Esposito when you can boom pro-wrestling music and hail the thugs?"

What set Stubbs off the most was a story by Boston Herald writer Stephen Harris who, when writing about Montreal said "The Habs have a team of whiners and divers. Which just makes last night's win all the sweeter for the Bruins and their backers."

Needless to say, Stubbs disagreed.