For those Bruins fans who want to put their money where their mouth is, Bodog has unveiled some odds for the Stanley Cup quarterfinals between the B's and Canadiens, as seen below.

  • Boston Bruins sweep, 4-0: 8-to-1 
  • Boston Bruins win, 4-1: 7-to-2 
  • Boston Bruins win 4-2: 13-to-4 
  • Boston Bruins win, 4-3: 4-to-1 
  • Montreal Canadiens sweep, 4-0: 18-to-1 
  • Montreal Canadiens win 4-1: 9-to-1 
  • Montreal Canadiens win, 4-2: 9-to-2 
  • Montreal Canadiens win, 4-3: 7-to-1 

Likewise, bookies are having a tough time believing that the Habs will make it out of the first round and into the Cup finals, as seen below in Bodog's prop bet of "How far will the Montreal Canadiens make it in the 2011 NHL Playoffs?"

  • Lose in first round of playoffs:  -220 
  • Lose in second round of playoffs: +275 
  • Lose in Conference Final:  +700 
  • Lose in Stanley Cup Final:  +1,800 
  • Win Stanley Cup:  +3,000

What, no diving odds? Also, if you're curious, the Bruins' odds to win the Cup are 17-to-2, trailing the Vancouver Canucks (3-to-1), Washington Capitals (11-to-2), San Jose Sharks (7-to1) and Philadelphia Flyers (8-to-1).