New EA Sports President Andrew Wilson Intends to Paint Over Red Walls in ‘Anfield’ Conference Room

by abournenesn

Aug 28, 2011

Peter Moore, the former president of EA Sports and now the video game company's chief operating officer, brought this horrible fate upon himself.

When Moore, a Liverpool backer, put down Andrew Wilson's name in the line-of-succession plan, he did so knowing full well that Wilson was a Chelsea supporter, according to Deadspin. And Moore should have known immediately that his cherished 'Anfield' conference room was in jeopardy.

The conference room at EA Sports' Redwood Shores, Calif., campus is painted red, just like Moore's beloved Liverpool jerseys. The room was nicknamed after the Reds' home stadium, but it might soon need a new name.

"I don't think he's given me approval to paint it blue yet," Wilson told Deadspin. "But we are at a point where not being red is OK."

While the new paint job might send shivers up the spine of a Liverpool rooter — Kenny Dalglish talked at length about the topic after Liverpool's 3-1 win over Bolton on Saturday (OK, he didn't really) — the biggest news to come out of the story, from a gamer's perspective, is that Wilson says he still has interest in developing a strong rugby video game.

Other forms of football — Madden and FIFA — have enjoyed tons of success. Rugby World Cup 2011 received meh reviews, however, not so much for the lack of interest in the sport (FIFA took off in the U.S. even among Americans who didn't know a striker from a left back) but for poor gameplay.

But rugby is Wilson's favorite sport, and the boss can give whatever orders he wants. Soon, gamers might rush out to buy the latest rugby game so they can go home and lock themselves in their basements to get into a scrum with pimply teenagers online.


Who wouldn't want these guys in their living room?

New EA Sports President Andrew Wilson Intends to Paint Over Red Walls in 'Anfield' Conference Room Screengrab from Gamespot


"This has become something very disproportionate to what it is. There are fights in bars involving young people all over this country every day. I don't believe Mr. Jefferson did anything wrong. At the end of this, when you get through the drama of a big-time program and a quarterback, at the end of it, it's a bunch of college students acting like college students act. And we can't lose sight of that."
— Lewis Unglesby, attorney defending LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson in a bar fight that injured four people. Apparently, Unglesby went to college in an episode of the A-Team.


And no breaks to check the Doppler? That's dedication.

New EA Sports President Andrew Wilson Intends to Paint Over Red Walls in 'Anfield' Conference Room


The wind and rain are frightening, but this might be the scariest thing to come out of Hurricane Irene.

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