Fight Breaks Out at Bell Centre, Reportedly Over Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry


Unlike Red Sox-Yankees games, the active participants of the Bruins-Canadiens rivalry truly do seem to share a distaste for each other. Just like Red Sox-Yankees, though, the fans from the rival fan bases absolutely can’t stand each other.

That was on display on Monday night in the closing moments of the Bruins’ 1-0 victory over the Canadiens. A YouTube video of a fight in the crowd is making its way around the Internet, with eyewitness reports saying the donnybrook started between a Bruins fan and a Canadiens fan. The fellow in the blue sweatshirt looks to maybe be wearing a Bruins hat, but it’s hard to tell, because apparently cell phones in Montreal have the technological capabilities of Zack Morris‘ piece from back in the day.

The blog wrote about it, and while Puck Daddy has a clean translation of the events, the Google Translation shown below is much more entertaining.

“With a little over a minute to play, the spirits are heated in the stands between supporters of the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins. In red and more,” the French text was converted to say in English. “Behind the net from Tim Thomas, it brewed enough for the Bruins goalie of the arbitrators and throw a glance.”

(That means Thomas watched the fight a little bit. I’m not sure where the “arbitrators” come into play, though.)

“Yes, it was a good 40 seconds of intensity,” the blog went on to say. “Strong punches were distributed. The guy in the chest, probably a fan of the Bruins, as had the money. Fan of Canadians with the red shirt and gray sweatshirt was enraged. [Five to six] security guards had to control it.”

If that colorful description wasn’t enough, you can watch the fight by clicking here and try to determine for yourself what in the world went on. Or, if you’re more a fan of peace than war, you can just listen to this all day and live your life as an arbitrator throwing a glance.

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Should fans really be fighting each other? It’s just a game, Focker.

Fight Breaks Out at Bell Centre, Reportedly Over Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry

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“[Expletive] yeah!”
–Sidney Crosby, celebrating a goal in his first few minutes of NHL action since January

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The Maurice Jones-Drew comparison to LeBron James didn’t end with the fake powder toss.

Fight Breaks Out at Bell Centre, Reportedly Over Bruins-Canadiens Rivalry

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When most people haven’t played for 11 months, they generally don’t play like this. But most people aren’t Sidney Crosby.

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