Tuukka Rask Won’t Reach His Prime ‘for Another Five Years’


Tuukka Rask Won't Reach His Prime 'for Another Five Years'Jack Edwards always has plenty to say. Whether commenting about the Bruins or the NHL as a whole, he is definitely not afraid to share his opinion on hot button issues.

Appearing Thursday on The Rob Ryan Show, Edwards discussed such topics as the season to date for the Bruins, how Brendan Shanahan has handled his new role and other teams to watch in the Eastern Conference.

Edwards discussed the unique goaltending situation the Bruins continue to be faced with this season with Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask both playing at the top of their game. Edwards said that if both goaltenders were on different teams, each would legitimately have a chance to be one of the game's top 10 starting netminders.

"Tuukka Rask has an entirely different style but brings an equal work ethic to his game," Edwards said. "Those two guys have such a good relationship, they don't compete against each other, they compete with each other, knowing that the competition is going to make the other guy better. That is unique in the NHL, it may be unique in all of sports."

He also added that Rask will continue to get better, claiming that the young goaltender still hasn't approached his best goaltending.

"This guy may not even get into his prime for another five years and I’m not being silly about it," Edwards said.

The broadcaster also discussed the way Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron has been playing of late, and advocated for him to be one of the nominees for this year's Selke Trophy, given to the best defensive forward in the league.

"When you look at the vectors on which Bergeron skates — the way he cuts off a rush, the way he anticipates a seam pass, the way he goes face-to-face with a player along the boards or in open ice — he has thought at least a couple of beats ahead of the opponent and way over 90 percent of the time he's not only correct but then he wins the puck battle," Edwards said.

"He changes the opponents attack so many times in the course of the game that it results in more offense for the Bruins."

Edwards also raved about the job Shanahan has done in his new role this season as the league's disciplinarian, saying that he has done a great job in explaining his decisions and interpretations of the rules. Edwards also encouraged fans to go online and watch video tutorials and explanations of the rules, in order to become better informed.

When asked who he thought would be the top contender in the East along with the B's, Edwards said he liked the Penguins, who have shown they can win both with and without star player Sidney Crosby in the lineup.

Hear the full interview below.

Rob Ryan Show 12-15-11 w Jack Edwards by robryan

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