Report: David Ortiz’s Arbitration Hearing With Red Sox Scheduled for Monday


A date is finally in place for David Ortiz‘s arbitration hearing.

The designated hitter and the Red Sox are scheduled to go to court next Monday to determine his contract situation, according to the Boston Globe. In the meantime, both parties will continue negotiations to settle and avoid a hearing.

When Ortiz submitted his salary request, he filed for $16.5 million while the Red Sox requested $12.65 million. If the arbitration panel rules in Ortiz?s favor, Cherington could have $4 million less to spend to acquire more talent.

“Sure, if you go to a hearing there?s a chance you win, a chance you lose,” Cherington said last week. “Depending on the outcome, it changes your payroll to some degree. To that extent, it changes things to some degree, but I wouldn’t say it’s significant.”

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