Are You More Surprised by the Canucks’ or Penguins’ Play This Postseason?


April 18, 2012

Are You More Surprised by the Canucks' or Penguins' Play This Postseason?The Stanley Cup playoffs can be a great time for hockey fans and players alike. Of course, as some teams excel and move on, other teams have to lose and head home for the summer.

This year, the Canucks and Penguins are looking like the odd teams out. Down three games to none in each of their series, it’s do-or-die from here on out. Worse still, these performances were not at all what the teams and their fans expected.

Coming into the postseason, the Penguins were the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference and the Canucks were the top seed in the West. Despite playoff hockey testing even the best teams, Pittsburgh and Vancouver were at least expected to see the second round, if not the favorites to emerge from their respective conferences. Now, that assumption is falling far short of reality.

But which team’s underwhelming show is more surprising? Check out the poll below and vote for which team has disappointed you more, then post in the comments why you voted one way or the other.

Which postseason performance has been more surprising?

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