Jon Lester's Strong Performance Earns Him Amica Pitcher of the Week Honors Despite LossSix innings, five strikeouts, four hits, three earned runs, two home runs, one walk. Jon Lester's decending numerical line from Wednesday night had just one blemish too many, and that cost him the game.

Despite pitching well, the back-to-back home runs surrendered by Lester in the fifth inning gave the Rays a 3-0 lead from which the Red Sox could not recover. Run support has been something Lester has become a stranger to this season, which is unfortunate, because he has pitched wonderfully as of late.

The left-hander has posted quality starts in six of his last 10 outings and is 4-2 in those games. A quality start is usually something that is accompanied by a win, but the lack of run support Lester has received has contributed to his 9-14 record in 2012.

While he may not have earned the win Wednesday, Lester posted a vintage performance against the Rays and put the Red Sox in a good position to win. It may not have been enough to earn a W, but it's enough to earn him Amica Pitcher of the Week honors.