Marcus Lattimore Injured ‘Several Ligaments,’ Steve Spurrier Says He Can Make Comeback (Video)


Oct 28, 2012

Marcus Lattimore Injured 'Several Ligaments,' Steve Spurrier Says He Can Make Comeback (Video)Initial reports on Marcus Lattimore's knee injury looked tragic, but now that word is finally coming out of South Carolina, it may not be so bad.

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said Sunday that Lattimore has dislocated his right knee and could return to football. Lattimore has not used a redshirt season, so he could take all of 2013 off and still make a return in 2014. Lattimore's knee was put back in place after being taken to a hospital.

The Gamecocks made an official announcement regarding the running back's injury on Sunday, saying the hyperextension of Lattimore's knee "resulted in injury to several ligaments." The release also said that there were no fractures and no "additional injuries" according to Dr. Jeffrey Guy.

Initial reports said that the South Carolina running back had broken his femur and patella and tore four ligaments in his right knee — his ACL, MCL, PCL and LCL. Lattimore tore a ligament in his left knee in 2011 and had finally made a full comeback from that injury.

To compare Lattimore's injury to the famous one suffered by Willis McGahee in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl National Championship Game, the current Denver Broncos' running back tore his ACL, MCL and PCL. McGahee was still drafted in the first round of the 2003 draft but sat out that entire season.

Lattimore's injury occured Saturday afternoon against Tennessee, when he carried the ball to his left and was cut out from underneath by a Volunteers defensive back.

Watch Lattimore's season-ending injury in the video below.

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