Kenyan Orphanage Recreates Larry Bird’s Famous Steal From 1987 Eastern Conference Finals for Charity (Video)

Larry Bird‘s iconic steal of Isiah Thomas from the 1987 Eastern Conference finals is one of the most memorable moments in Boston sports lore. Now, its reach has extended to the world stage, as an African orphanage has aimed to use that moment for a good cause.

Grace Care, a Kenyan orphanage that houses over 200 children, recreated that play recently in an effort to raise money to build a playing field. It’s pretty spectacular, and their version even includes a shot-for-shot recreation of crowd shots, Bird’s hug with Dennis Johnson and even the security patting people down before entering “the Garden.” Unfortunately, there’s nobody there to match Bill Walton‘s goofy high five.

Check out the video for yourself below, and if you’re interested, information about Grace Care can be here.

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