Vote: How Many Games Should Rajon Rondo Be Suspended for Altercation With Kris Humphries?


Here we are again, discussing whether or not Rajon Rondo will be suspended.

Rondo was ejected from Wednesday’s game against the Nets for his involvement in a brawl between the two Eastern Conference foes. Now, Celtics fans wait on the edge of their seats as they await the league’s decision on whether or not Rondo will be issued supplemental discipline, and if he is, what exactly that discipline will be.

Rondo tussled with Kris Humphries during the second quarter on Wednesday after the Nets big man fouled Kevin Garnett as Garnett went up for a shot near the basket. The two wrestled into the crowd as players from both sides joined in the fracas. When all was said and done, Rondo, Humphries and the Nets’ Gerald Wallace all received the heave-ho.

Upon further review, it’s clear Rondo was very aggressive in going after Humphries. In fact, James Capers, who served as the game’s officiating crew chief, said that Rondo “initiated everything that proceeded after the foul.”

This isn’t the first time that Rondo has been the subject of suspension talk. The Celtics’ All-Star point guard was suspended two games for arguing a call and throwing the ball at an official in February, and was later suspended for one playoff game against the Hawks for bumping an official.

Whenever two teams go to blows, it catches the league’s attention. Will David Stern and Co. decide to lay down the hammer?

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