BFFIn the wake of the 55th annual Grammy Awards, it is safe to say hockey fans are probably feeling rather musical. Arena music is a staple of many sporting events, and there is nothing better than celebrating a goal and hearing your team’s anthem.

Bruins fans certainly love the adrenaline rush that comes when they hear the famous Kahlenberg horns followed by “Zombie Nation.” However, there many interesting and exciting goal songs in the NHL.

Whether it is loud horns, pop culture classics or easy sing-alongs, rinks throughout North America rejoice when the home team  puts one in the back of the net. To eliminate bias, we are taking “Zombie Nation” out of this race, but, outside of the TD Garden, which team has the best goal song in the NHL?

The Chicago Blackhawks may have the most famous goal song in the NHL. Every time Chicago scores, the United Center erupts when “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis he is played. The song is also an international success and is played in various soccer stadiums throughout the United Kingdom.

In Pittsburgh, Penguins fans love a song that has a fairly bizarre name. “Song 2” by Blur is played every time the Penguins score a goal at the Consol Energy Center. It’s one of those tracks which if, even you don’t know it by name, its iconic whoo hoo’s should be instantly familiar.

Madison Square Garden is treated to a nice sing-along each time the Rangers score. Ray Castoldi wrote the song, “Slapshot,” specifically for the Rangers. The song made its debut in 1995 and has been a Garden staple ever since.

Flyers fans are treated to some loud club-like music each time the team scores. “I Like it Loud” by Marc Acardipane resonates throughout the Wells Fargo Center each time the Broad St. Bullies put one in the back of the net. The song also allows for sing-along with its famous “Doop” sound.

Although these are some of the more popular songs, there are many other good anthems throughout the league. Which team provides the best celebratory tune?