Report: Kevin Garnett ‘Wants to Come Back for One Year,’ Is Determining Factor in Celtics’ Other Decisions

by abournenesn

May 31, 2013

Kevin GarnettKevin Garnett played the wait-and-see game last year. It looks like he’s playing it again this offseason.

While the Celtics’ brass has a little bit of resting time before it has to start making roster moves, much of the decision-making depends on Garnett, who has yet to say whether he will fulfill the contract he signed last season or hang it up for good.

ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan noted on Comcast Sportsnet on Thursday night that Garnett is the key piece in the Celtics’ planning process — and she said he’s leaning toward returning.

“Who holds all the cards? Kevin Garnett,” she said. “Kevin Garnett may or may not need surgery. We haven’t heard either way. That might determine whether he wants to come back for another year. I’m hearing that he wants to come back for one year. That’s what I’m hearing right now.

“So, if he comes back for one more year, he holds all the cards. He has a no-trade clause. He can kind of call the shots here.”

MacMullan said Garnett could pin his decision on whether Paul Pierce also returns. Whichever way he leans, that will determine whether the Celtics move to rebuild, get outside help such as Utah’s Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson, or reshape the core they have now.

Whatever way it goes, though, Garnett will again be the big domino.

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