Dustin Pedroia Gets Mad After Miguel Cabrera’s High-Five Fake Out (GIF)


Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia seemingly looks for motivation wherever he can find it. After the 5-foot-8 infielder was deemed too small to play as he grew up, Pedroia is still feeding from that gigantic chip on his shoulder even as he racks up accolades. He may now even have a little added fire when the Sox play the Tigers.

Pedroia was the victim of a classic high-five fake-out at the All-Star Game on Tuesday night in New York, as Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera appeared to duck his hand under Pedroia’s in pregame introductions. That did not sit well with the Boston spark plug who immediately shot Cabrera a glance and a couple of parting words.

Whether Pedroia was legitimately steamed or not we may never know, but it certainly made for a pretty awesome interaction. Just ask Boston pitcher Clay Buchholz who certainly loved what he saw.

See it go down in the GIF below with a tip of the cap to Sports Grid.

Miguel Cabrera

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