Greg Oden Dunks Home First Basket in Three Years in Return to Court With Heat (Video)


Miami Heat v New Orleans PelicansIf Greg Oden somehow manages to stay healthy this season, a lot of non-Miami Heat fans will be wondering why life is so unfair.

The former No. 1 draft pick returned to the court Wednesday in the Heat’s preseason game, and while he did not light it up, the very fact that he was playing was an accomplishment. He recorded two points, two rebounds, two turnovers and two fouls in four minutes — so at least he was consistent.

His two points can in impressive fashion, as Oden was able to seal off his defender in the post after setting a screen for Chris Bosh. He then received a perfectly placed entry pass from Bosh, took a dribble and a couple of up-fakes, and flushed the ball through the hoop.

This is nice for the Heat, because after picking Chris Andersen off the discount rack last season, they could really use another one-time game-changing big man suddenly rediscovering the fountain of youth. It’s not so nice for the rest of the NBA, but nobody can have it all — other than the Heat, apparently.

Check out Oden’s big bucket in the video below.

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