P.K. Subban Rips Stick Out of Matt Cooke’s Hands, Hurls It Across Ice After Taking Big Hit (GIF)


P.K. Subban took matters into his own hands on Tuesday night, and then he threw those matters across the ice.

In a battle that features a couple of players who are no strangers to cheap shots, Minnesota’s Matt Cooke took down the Canadiens defenseman behind the net with an apparent slew-foot.

Subban did not take kindly to the hit and his anger only increased when no penalty was called on the play so he responded by doing the next logical thing he could think of — he tore Cooke’s stick from his hand and tossed it down the ice.

And with that, justice was served.

Check out the sequence of events in the GIF below.

CookeSubban_medium GIF via Sporting News

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