The Washington Capitals are second in the Metropolitan Division, sixth in the Eastern Conference and dead last in musical talent.

As further proof that skillfully lighting the lamp does not equate to carrying a tune, Alex Ovechkin and his teammates sent a personal holiday message out to their fans on Thursday, courtesy of Monumental Network.

Despite what appears to be their best efforts to rock out to a classic holiday tune, the offbeat drumming by Brooks Laich, the occasionally confused jingle belling by Ovechkin and the pink inflatable saxophone played by drawer-of-the-short-straw Joel Ward remind us all of a very important lesson this holiday season.

It’s the thought that counts.

Some other highlights:

00:19 — Mike Green just wailing on the cowbell.

00:30 — Ward really selling the saxophone. Seriously worthy of a Grammy — even though he’s not making any noise, he still sounds the best.

00:32 — Nicklas Backstom shaking bells like he’s fist pumping at a Stockholm rave.

00:41 — Ovechkin watching one of his bells fall to the floor but knowing it doesn’t matter anyway.

After the team wishes everyone “Happy Holidays,” the dubbed-over music is taken away, and the Capitals give an unplugged performance. Only the brave will make it to the end.

Check out the Capitals’ seasons greetings below.