Jake Peavy’s Fishing Knife Accident Could Land Him ‘Dad Of The Year’ Votes


Jake PeavyFORT MYERS, Fla. — Boston Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy downplayed the severity of Saturday’s fishing knife accident, telling reporters at JetBlue Park that he hopes to play catch Tuesday and not get thrown too off-schedule by his freak mishap.

Peavy, who was scratched from Monday’s spring training start against the Pittsburgh Pirates, sported a large bandage on his left hand. The right-hander said he cut his left index finger with a knife while preparing to go fishing with his kids.

?I promised my little boys I?d take them fishing,” Peavy said. “We went up to Bass Pro (Shop) and bought us some riding reels that were combo?d. I was trying to cut the little wire tie that kind of holds them together. I was using the knife, obviously, with my right hand and holding the rod with my left, and when I broke the wire tie, I just stuck my knuckle there pretty good.?

Peavy was unsure how many stitches he received on the wound, which he said is directly on his knuckle. But the incident will keep Peavy from doing any physical activities Monday, as the club wants to make sure the pitcher doesn’t sweat too much and risk infection.

?It?s a bummer,” Peavy said. “I didn?t think it was that crazy bad, to the point where I didn?t seek medical attention that day. We wrapped it up and went fishing.

?You don?t want to risk infection — that?s the biggest thing,” Peavy continued. “I could go out and play today if it was a must, but you can?t risk infection and let it sweat, and me not getting it tended to right off the bat, just don?t want to get it infected. That?s the reason we?re going to hold back for a day or so.?

Peavy’s injury does come with a silver lining, though. The 32-year-old father of three joked that his fishing perseverance shows his dedication to being a good dad.

?I better have gotten some Dad of the Year votes on that one,” Peavy said.

“I promised my little boy that I was going to take him fishing, and that?s why I didn?t seek attention,” Peavy continued. “I promised my 5-year-old. ? All he wanted to do was fish. We had already been to Bass Pro, it was 5:30, we had about an hour before dark. ? I couldn?t tell my 5-year-old we weren?t going to go fishing anymore. It was his last day here. I couldn?t say we?ll go tomorrow.”

The fact that Peavy didn’t catch any fish added insult to injury. But Peavy’s kids probably didn’t mind too much. At least their father pushed through his accident to make good on his promise.

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