LeBron James is a pretty good basketball player, so one would think his son has some skills on the court, too.

One would be correct.

LeBron James Jr. is just 10 years old, but judging by a recent video, it appears he’s already living up to his famous father’s legacy. The fourth-grader competed in a basketball tournament in Houston, and it’s clear that he’s just on another level than everyone else.


The Cleveland Cavaliers forward tweeted out the highlight video Monday morning, adding that he was “proud” of his son and his team for winning first place in the tournament.

We’d be proud too if we knew our son would be the first pick in the NBA draft in about 10 years.

Photo of the Night

If Jon Gruden gets this sweater as a holiday gift, his head might explode.

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Tweet of the Night

Apparently it was a slow day in the NBA on Monday, so a few teams just decided to tweet out a bunch of food emojis.

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Video of the Night

What happens when you wave your school’s flag in an opposing player’s face after a massive brawl has just ended? This. This happens.